Commercial Interior Design Services - The Finishing Touch Decorating
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Commercial Space Planning

Comfort and function. We combine the two with a precise “space plan”. The plan includes furniture, flooring, wall covering and every element that will go into completing your space. In doing so, we ensure that each design element flows seamlessly to give you a beautiful space.

Wall Treatments

Dramatically transform your space from lackluster interior to sophisticated and sleek with eye-catching wall treatments. Decorative wall treatments offers extensive selections of designs, finishes, and styles.


Seating & Furniture

One of the most important aspects of your waiting area is the furniture; not only is it the first thing your guests will see, it determines how comfortable they will be in your space.

Strategic Color Selections

Color sets the mood and ambiance of a space. Strategically, we will combine the right color palette with the proper commercial grade fabrics. The two together we create the space for the image you are aiming to portray.


Accents & Accessories

Give the finishing touch to your office space with the correct artwork and accessories. Small tables, shelving, and other accents will be added depending on your needs.

High-Traffic Flooring

Not all flooring is created equal. Commercial-grade carpet or flooring is an important element for businesses with high-traffic areas. Today’s commercial flooring is beautiful. There is a wide range of vinyl, carpeting, wood and tile.

The Finishing Touch works with the area’s top contractors and vendors, so you can be assured of satisfaction from our initial meeting to completion of a project, and long after.


We receive and inspect each item in the warehouse before it is delivered to your home. If there is a problem with the received goods, we will replace them before they get to your home. In other words, every piece white glove delivered free of any flaws or damages.